PUT devices/key

PUT /api/v2/paymentengine/devices/:devicekey:

Updates an existing device. Parameters are only updated if they are present in the body.

Request Parameters

Variable Description Required
name A name associated with the terminal
settings Device settings
terminal_config Terminal configuration

Device Settings

Variable Description
timeout Transaction timeout, how long to wait for transaction authorization to complete.
enable_standalone Allows transactions to be initiated from terminal (if supported).
share_device If set to true, it allows device to be used by other merchants. If set to false, only the merchant associated with the apikeyid may send transactions to device.

Terminal configuration

Variable Description
enable_emv Enables EMV processing.
enable_debit_msr Enables PIN debit for swiped transactions.
enable_tip_adjust Allows EMV transaction amounts to be adjusted after authorization (to add tip). Disables PIN authentication.
enable_contactless Enables NFC reader.

Example Requests

Basic Request (curl)

curl --basic --user APIKEY:PINHASH \
 -X PUT \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -d '{"name":"Testing","settings":{"share_device":true}}' \

Basic Request (json)

  "name": "Register 1",


The response is the standard GET device response.

Example Response

    "type": "device",
    "key": "sa_1BTTI5Yys0G3gVQa6beYxM4K0hhjC",
    "apikeyid": "jn4xrzqyxt4w6trxb",
    "terminal_type": "standalone",
    "status": "offline",
    "name": "Testing",
    "settings": {
        "timeout": 30,
        "enable_standalone": false,
        "share_device": true
    "terminal_info": {
        "make": "Castles",
        "model": "MP200",
        "revision": null,
        "serial": "000313162200473"
    "terminal_config": {
        "enable_emv": true,
        "enable_debit_msr": true,
        "tip_adjust": true,
        "enable_contactless": true