GET /payrequests

GET /api/paymentengine/payrequests/:requestkey:

Gets the status of a pay requestkey.

Request Parameters


Example Request

curl --basic --user APIKEY:PINHASH \


Variable Description
key Request key
expiration The expiration is the date/time the request will expire and no longer be valid.
status The status of the request, values are: pending, transaction complete, and canceled.
transaction Once the transaction has been processed, a transaction object will be added to the result.

Example Responses

Pending Payment

  "type": "request",
  "key": "pr_3mW7rstrdA0Sp32LW9MN3djCITAhx",
  "expiration": "2016-07-08 16:40:48",
  "status": "pending"

Payment Approved (with tokenization)

  "status":"transaction complete",
      "result":"Address: Match & 5 Digit Zip: Match"
      "result":"Not Processed"